The Effects of a Peer-Tutoring Intervention on the Text Production of Students With Learning and Speech Problems: A Case Report

Matthias Grünke, Andrina Maria Janning, & Marko Sperling (Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal 14[2], 225-235, 2016):

The purpose of this single-case study was to evaluate the effects of a peer-tutoring intervention on the text production skills of three third graders with severe learning and speech difficulties. All tutees were initially able to produce only very short stories. During the course of the treatment, higher performing classmates taught them how to apply a graphic organizing strategy (story mapping) to help them plan their texts more systematically. The intervention, which was comprised of between five and seven 45-minute sessions, led to dramatic increases in the number of words that the tutees wrote while producing short stories. Study results provide clear evidence of the effectiveness of teaching students with learning and speech disabilities the use of story maps through peer tutoring. The article ends with a discussion of the limitations of the study as well as suggestions for future research.

2017 Impact Factor: 1.371